Monday, 19 June 2017

My fun trip to the science museum

On Friday morning at 11am, me Theo Louis and Avi went to the science museum and you could learn all sorts there, like monkeys and the stone age and what astronauts foot prints look like on the moon compared to a person's foot without shoes or socks. There was also a electrectro ball and when you touch it, it look like that you have the power. When we finished at the museum Avi brought us some plushies, my plushie was Albert Einstein, Theo’s one was a dinosaur and Louis’s one was a chicken because that is the one he wanted and I thought It was funny.


  1. Hi Otto it's Greta. I enjoyed the part when you said that there was an electrectro ball and it looked like you had the power.Are you having heaps of fun? I looking forward to seeing you next term.

  2. Hi Greta it is Otto here and it did look like I had the power and I was so cool. and I am having fun.
    by Otto


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