Wednesday, 14 June 2017

My awesome trip to Barcelona

On the first day me, Theo, Louis, Mama and Papa drove to Christchurch. We waited for the first plane. When the plane arrived we hopped on and during take of in mid air the stewardess gave us some plushies called Carlos, Eve and Fudo, they are a parrot, reindeer and tiger. After the first flight we hopped on another plane. During take of in mid air the stewardess gave us some more plushies. The stewardess also gave me an activity book. The second flight was a long trip as it was 14 hours or 840 minutes. Then we yet hopped on another plane. The last trip was 7 hours or 420 minutes. Finally, we arrived at Barcelona and there we saw avi and iaia and my auntie Laura. They took us to their house so we could have a rest. Just letting you know that we are staying at Barcelona for 35 days!


  1. Kia ora otto It is Kaycee from Kaniere school.
    You are very luck That you got those plushies. You must of been really tried of that long trip.

  2. Hi Kaycee it is Otto here and I was very tired of that traip and we took 3 planes to get to Barcelona.
    by Otto

  3. Hi Otto its Mackenzie from Kaniere school. its really good to have you back at school.How was it in Spain? I really wish I went with you. I hope you had lots and lots of fun in Spain from Mackenzie.


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