Friday, 16 June 2017

My fun ride to tibidabo

At eleven o'clock me, Theo and Louis, Avi and Iaia drove to tibidabo. Mama and Papa took a bus. At tibidabo there were hundreds of rides. The fist ride that I went on is a carousel and it was fun. My second ride was the western train ride and me Theo and Louis were at the front. Then we went on another ride and it was a rodeo ride but the horses were fake, when the ride finished we went on spinning containers of slime. We went on a ride similar to that. instead of spinning containers of slime, they were spinning balloons. There were a couple of rides left and me ,Theo and Louis went on a ride called choo choo train and it had fake giant fruits and veggies. My last ride was called the witch's castle and it had lots of magical fairs and leprechauns in poison containers and at the end there was a puppet standing up by strings and all sorts, there was also a red flashing light to make it look spooky!


  1. Hi Otto it's Jack and I am in your class and I hope that ride was real fun. It looks fun on my computer.

  2. Hi my name is Will from Ruma Ono at Kaniere School. I like how the balloon went up and down really slow.


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